For Aspiring Writers

Hey guys! As I began writing, I always received a ton of “advice” daily from non-writers and I didn’t really trust what they would tell me since they never experienced it themselves. So, from one writer to another, here’s my advice.

You’re not “aspiring”

One important thing I like to point out is that no one is an “aspiring” writer. You are simply a writer. There’s no landmark or line you need to cross to officially be a writer, you just are the minute you pick up the pen.

Expect Criticism

No one enjoys criticism, I get that. But part of being a writer is that your work is going to be criticized. Whether it’s by family or by an editor when you’re trying to publish, writers need to develop a thick skin. In the end, this criticism is almost all going to be constructive and you will become an even stronger writer than you already are.

Do What you Want to do

Dystopian novels are very popular currently, as I’m sure we all know. Every time I share an idea I have that is a dystopian setting, most people immediately shoot it down, saying how dystopias are too overdone. One important thing is that your  dystopia idea hasn’t been done. This goes for any genre and any idea. Don’t let others’ skepticism stop you from writing that amazing idea.


Every writer has to read, that’s pretty much just an unspoken rule. Reading gives us a vague idea of what can be passed as far as publishing and popularity goes, and what can’t. Reading also opens us up to other writers’ works and can get our creativity flowing.


Hope these help! Most important that I don’t have up there is just that you have to believe in yourself.Good luck and happy writing! ❤

Write with conviction,



Beat Out Writer’s Block

Hey guys! I figured I’d do a little post on how I get past writer’s block, let me know what you think or mention other things you want me to post about in the comments!


Take a Break

It’s as simple as that, take a break from writing. I know that may not seem like a great idea because we’re so proud we’re finally writing… but then we have to stop? Yes, that seems counterproductive, but after we return from our break refreshed, we’ll be ready to go! The part to be careful on with this one is just making sure you do return to it.

Skip that Scene

I use this one if I know I won’t have time to come back later. I simply skip the scene or chapter that’s giving me trouble and come back to it later. That way I’m still using the time I set aside for writing and not just sitting there staring at the screen or paper.

Listen to Some Music

Just giving yourself three or four minutes to listen through a song can easily get the creative juices flowing (I know that’s a painfully overused phrase but I couldn’t think of another one). This also works with listening to the radio or a podcast if you enjoy those:)


I hope this was helpful, and feel free to let me know of any that I missed that you use. Happy writing! ❤


Write with conviction,


New Plot Idea

Hey guys! I had a really cool idea for my next book, so I’m deciding to share it with you. Please just don’t steal my idea, no one wants that. Thanks.

So here it is…

Several years in the future, global warming (yes, it’s real) continued it’s rapid increase, which has increased the insect activity throughout the world for extensive time periods. This also causes an increase in air-borne diseases carried by these bugs that are deadly, yet have no known cure. The book focuses on five people in different branches of science pulled together to form a team to find a cure for these diseases and fight global warming.

If this sounds interesting to you guys, I might post some excerpts later on once I start writing it! Let me know what you think! ❤


Write with conviction,


Cassette Tape

Before you begin reading this poem, I advise a strong trigger warning. This poem deals with topics such as depression, suicide, and self harm. If any of these topics trigger you, please do not continue reading. Thank you.


We are born whole

Yet with every lesson we learn,

every mistake we make,

we lose a part of ourselves in them

And maybe that means our most valuable lesson is how to get away with it

How to convince others that we are whole while we still haven’t convinced ourselves

But we are broken

Look around

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

Are we supposed to be so accustomed to forcing a laugh that we forget how to smile?

Are we supposed to be fooled into thinking a strong face is the only acceptable one to show?


Look around

We can no longer ignore the boy crying in the corner that we all avert our eyes from

We can no longer pretend we didn’t see the smile on the girl break when she looked away from her friends

We can no longer pretend that this is how it’s supposed to be

Look around

We all live our lives on repeat

We let our cassette tape play convincing smiles on our faces and laughs from our mouths

And at night we rewind them just to play them again the next day

But some nights we forget to press rewind

We have nothing to tape our seams together in the morning

Our insides are revealed to the outside world as we break


We bleed out

But we don’t make a sound because we already look weak to everyone passing by pretending we aren’t there

And that night we press rewind twice

Look around

Truly see the girl pressing rewind with hungry fingers ready to have this day end

Ready to start over

Truly see the boy with bloodshot eyes and shaking hands as he fights a war in his mind on whether to press rewind or give up and press stop

And some of us do press stop

Look around

People press stop daily

And only then do we pay them any mind

We can no longer ignore those who are hurting only to pretend we did everything we could after they aren’t here to deny it

We can no longer ignore those who are broken

We can no longer pretend that what we say can not  affect someone’s decision to press stop

Look around

Broken lives left on repeat because what else can we rely on?

What happens when our shaking hands miss our rewind button?

What happens when we press stop?

Do we make a sound?

Or are we extra careful to stay quiet so we don’t have to watch those around us convince themselves that they can convince us

No one knows that it’s the last day our tape plays our smiles and laughs until we fake our last one

And only then will they care

Only then will they know you’re hurting

Only then will they stop shooting spit balls your way because your’re no longer there to be their target

Look around

We are born whole

Only to be torn apart by the lessons we learn and the mistakes we make

We decorate our skin with lines of red as if pain from ourselves will make us numb to the pain from others

We are left to protect and defend ourselves because we don’t know how to rely on anyone else

Look around

Notice the girl wearing long sleeves in summer

Notice the boy hiding in the stairwell during class

Look around

Our aching hearts cry out, craving human contact

Begging for someone to ask if we’re okay

But, of course, they never do

So we sing a sweet melody or sorrow and heartbreak and wish things were different

We used to cry ourselves to sleep at night but now we just cry

Because we’re scared to dream and fall in love with our fake reality just to open our eyes and return to this hell we accept as our life

We hold our breath and bite our tongues in hopes of not being seen

We perform balancing acts, teetering between life and deah

Yet we never fall on either side because, yes, we are still breathing, but how can this be called living when all we do is fantasize about the other side?

But we so easily ignore the fact that we are still here

We kept trying

We haven’t given up

And we don’t get enough credit for that

We’ve made it this far despite every challenge we thought was a sign

We were told

“Maybe life isn’t for you”

And whether it came from ourselves or from others

We didn’t listen

And we can all be pretty damn proud of that

So why aren’t we?

Look around

Think back

They told us that the monsters under our beds weren’t real, that the monsters hiding in our closets weren’t there

And we never saw them, so they had to be telling the truth, right?

What if they were wrong?

What if the monsters under our beds were real?

What if the monsters in our closets were there?

What if they just stayed out of sight until we were asleep?

What if that’s why we are like we are- because we lived with monsters for so long, we became like them?

Maybe it’s rational to be afraid of the dark because we can sense what is in it


Watching us

Ready to make their move once we fall peacefully asleep

But they tell us we’re safe

That there are no monsters

They tell us we’re fine

But we weren’t fine then

And we’re not fine now

People will play a game with you and pretend they understand, pretend they can fix you

As if placing a pebble in a wound the size of a boulder fixes everything

As if the hurt in our heart is just a paper cut that can be healed with a band-aid

Because what good are we if we can’t be fixed?

Who will stay with you if they can’t help you?

They only want to stay with us if they can help because all they want is to be able to say

“I stopped her from killing herself once.”

“I stopped him from cutting once.”

What if they can’t stop us?

What if she swallows those pills?

What if he drags the blade across his skin and watches his blood mix with water?

They move on from us

Look around

We hold onto praise because we need some form of validation

To make us feel like we are truly here for a reason

That we’re doing good in the world

Because if we are no longer living for ourselves, we have to learn how to live for others

And that’s all we have left to desperately cling to

We turn our knuckles white and form callouses on our palms just to have something to hold onto

Something to support us

Look around

We find our value in like and subscriptions

The comments become our worth


Once an  idea with good connotation

Now a fantasy

Because how can you have any sense of self-worth when all you feel is worthless?

How do we disguise it all with a smile?

How do we so easily miss others like us?

To feel or not to feel?

A much more difficult question to answer

Because we prize our small victories

The pure joy that comes along with them

But is it worth the pain we feel on a daily basis?

We don’t know

Look around

They say time heals all wounds

But what if it doesn’t?

What if time can’t heal our broken hearts?

What if we have to heal ourselves, but we lose the motivation to?

What’s one more heartbreak?

We’re already numb

What’s the point?

Look around

We think we have no point

No purpose

But we’re wrong

Place your hand over your heart

Hold it there as long as you need

You feel the beat of your heart under your palm?

That’s called purpose

You are loved and you do have a purpose

Keep fighting.


Thank you guys so much if you read all of that, I know it’s long. I wrote this from personal experience, and I know what it’s like to be struggling. I know what it’s like to give up, that’s why I wrote this. I want those of you struggling right now to know that you are loved. There is someone here for you, whether it’s a friend, family member, teacher, colleague, or peer, we are all here for you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know personally, you can always reach out to me, you are loved. ❤


Write with conviction,


Finding Motivation to Write

Finding the motivation for a task as daunting as sitting down and writing can seem has always been something I struggled with. I’ve tried a few tricks that have helped me get started on writing. Here are some examples of what I use, and if you have any you want to share, feel free to comment them!

Show up for writing:

Treat writing as you would a job or school. If you’re working on a long project like a novel, set aside time daily to work on it, whether it be to write a paragraph or a couple chapters. If you treat writing as something you have to go to, you’ll end up making progress quickly and you won’t have an excuse to not do it.

Create a writing playlist:

If you like listening to music when you write, craft a playlist that you will only allow yourself to listen to if you’re writing. Fill it with songs you really enjoy so that you’ll want to write just so you can listen to your playlist. Also, if you fill your playlist with more upbeat songs, it will make you even more excited to write whatever scene you’re working on.

Plan ahead:

Every book or project we write has its really fun and interesting parts to write, but it also has its parts that are boring. When we are stuck having to write a boring scene, we may lose motivation to write it. One thing I do to get through these rough spots is I plan scenes I am excited to write that can happen after I finish this scene. Planning more exciting scenes gives you motivation to get to those scenes so that you can write them.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps! Feel free to comment more strategies if you would like!


Write with conviction,



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